How can even Eric’s one-liners become so hipster?

How can even Eric’s one-liners become so hipster?

oh no I didn't mean to spam it! musta been comp troubles. Thanks anyway! I still freakin love this tumblr too.<3333
all bmw=FOREVR LOVE. <3

Lol It’s fine don’t worry about it! I thought it was hilarious :D

I’m glad the other tumblr got it to you, anyways, because I don’t know if I would have been able to find it!

Thank you! I try to use this tumblr for you guys, but I’m kind of failing. I’m trying to do better, I promise!

requesting a pic of shawn, captioned from the scene where he yells at himself and goes “GOD stop whining”. I really wish I could remember what ep its from, one of his emotional issue ones. POSSIBLY the one where his dad dies? Gosh I can't remember. If you can't find it due to my lousy description, I understand. Thanks.

Haha this got put in the ask box three times! I will do my best to find this scene and get it captioned and to you as quick as possible!

JUST KIDDING! I see you got fyeahcoryandtopanga to do it for you! Sorry I was so slow. For anyone else interested in this post, image, go here!

As requested… forever ago…

Sorry it took so long to get to you!

I’m sorry it’s been a while.

My computer hates me.

I will be updating more soon.

Just don’t rely on me being consistent, because everything hates me.

I’m sorry.

I love all my followers, though.

You’re amazing.

season 4 episode 11 "an affair to forget", where cory & shawn are split-screen on the phone and they give each other little puppy dog looks. can you GIF that for me? :D

I can! I’ll probably have to do it later today, because I have to go to work soon. However, I’ll make sure to GIF it and post it!

you'll never truely understand how GRATEFUL i am that your link is in most of your photos. i've been trying to find a really good BMW tumblr for months, and finally a reblogged photo showed up on my dash... and here you are :D love love love this blog, it is now my favourite. thank you! ellie.xo

Thank you! I don’t update as much as I’d like to, but I do my best. Life is really overwhelming lately. I’m glad you like it :D I’m trying to be more consistent. Thanks for following <3

Making a ton of gifs right now.

I hope you will enjoy them <3